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VRO and VRA Test Papers General Studies Model Paper Questions :
Recruitment in Andhra Pradesh government has taken up the VRA for a VRO and General Studies question paper for written examination is 60 marks. Standard in the qualifying examination will be asked questions. For the VRO posts, questions, and an intermediate standard of the VRA for a written test, the AP State Board 10 th class / SSC 's is the standard. General Studies, the questions will be asked from the General Science, Social Studies, etc. Multiple choice objective type question paper. Each question has four options, and select candidates for the General Studies to be a proper answer.Apart, questions will be asked to arithmetic skills. Weightage of 30 marks in this section. It is only logical skills weight age of 10 marks in another section. - AP VRO VRA Recruitment 2013-2014

There will be 30 marks for questions on village related issues. Questions will be from rural issues such as panchayats, sarpanches, sources of income, village life and culture, rural development, land related topics etc. In General Studies, subjects such as Science and Technology, Indian History, History of Andhra Pradesh, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy and Issues related to rural Andhra Pradesh will be covered. In General Science, questions will be asked from Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics with reference to day to day application. Following are some model questions taken from previous examinations of similar nature:

1) First official test tube baby in India was declared in
A) 1986 B) 1987 C) 1988 D) 1989

2) First Biotech City in India
A) Bangalore B) Hyderabad C) Lucknow D) Noida

3) Indian Institute of Chemical Technology is located at
A) Ahmedabad B) Aurangabad C) Hyderabad D) Gandhinagar

4) Vitamin A is not available in the following foods
A) Milk B) Fish C) Papaya D) None of these

5) Port City of Kakatiya Dynasty
A) Warangal B) Motupalli C) Adilabad D) Dharmapuri

6) World Congress of Religions was held in
A) New York B) Washington C) Chicago D) New Jersey

7) Who first called Gandhi as 'Mahatma'
A) Lala Lajapati Roy B) Rabindranath Tagore C) Tanguturi Prakasam D) Swami Vivekananda

8) Which is the second largest planet
A) Mercury B) Saturn C) Jupiter D) Earth

9) Freedom of the Press was mentioned in
A) Article 14 B) Article 22 C) Article 19 D) Article 25

10) First Citizen of India is
A) President B) Prime Minister C) Lok Sabha Speaker D) Home Minister


  1. ANSWERS :::
    1. 1st test tube baby.. 1978 (Check the answer.. i am not sure about this answer..)
    2. Bangalore
    3. Secunderabad
    6. in yr 1893, in Chicago (You can easily remember this by Swami Vivekanada's speech about India and Culture)
    7. Rabindranath Tagore
    8. 2nd largest is saturn.. 1st is Jupiter
    9. Article 19
    10. The President


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