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VRO and VRA Model Paper of Arithmetic Skills Questions 2013-2014 :
VRA written test for recruitment in Andhra Pradehs VRO and 30 was conducted in January 2012. The question paper consists of three sections. Written test and an important part of arithmetic skills. Inka on the 30 questions for 30 marks. Gain an edge over the other candidates in this field are strong. This difficult area is the number of candidates. Apart from arithmetic, candidates also answered questions on the General Studies.

Digital section of the 10 questions in the class / SSC standard is. The written test for candidates for the State Board of Books for the SSC should. Group 4 and some other instruments to help the lower level of recruitment tests. The question of averages, the time and work, percentages, age, relationships, sharing, you can ask for from the general interest, rates, etc. Some of the digital section of the sample questions:

1) The average age of students of a class is 15.8 years. The average age of boys in the class is 16.4 years and that of the girls is 15.4 years. The ratio of number of boys to the number of girls in the class is?

2) The average ages of three persons is 60 years. Those ages are in the proportion of 1:2:3. What is the age of the youngest one among them?

3) By selling an article for Rs. 100, one gains Rs. 10. Find out the gain percent.

4) The population of a town is 176400. It increases annually at the rate of 5 percent per annum. What will be its population after 2 years?

5) Divide Rs. 40 in the ratio of 2:3

6) The least number of five digits which is exactly divisible by 12, 15 and 18 is?

7) 9639 - 3098 = 8067 - ?
A) 526 B) 1796 C) 1896 D) 2336 E) None of these

8) 8563 + 3792 + 4085 = ?
A) 16530 B) 16440 C) 17160 D) 16430 E) None of these

9) 8888 + 888 + 88 = ?
A) 9784 B) 9064 C) 9864 D) 9774 E) None of these

10) Pointing to a man, a woman said, 'His mother is the only daughter of my mother'. How is the woman related to man?
A) Mother B) Grandmother C) Sister D) Daughter E) None of these


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