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Christmas wallpapers, Christmas carol, online Christmas cards, printable Christmas cards, Christmas cards From Haugesund with love to Scarf Sisters all around the globe.

This is the only Christmas card I will send this year.

I wish you a blessed Christmas and a New Year with more of the good things we've been sharing. The Gospel, joy and sorrow, hope and despair, in everything, love. Love for the Lord, love for each other. The valuable prayers are the greatest gifts anyone can wish for.
My hope is that nothing shall keep us apart from continuing travelling together towards our common goal.
Merry Christmas Greeting Pictures

As the nature and heaven is rejoicing 
Magic of Christmas spreads love in the world 
I wish my best friend a season filled with happiness 
Merry Christmas to You 

When you read this card, May the love and prayer 
I have filled in this card spread you like Christmas magic 
And let it flow to your nears and dears 
Merry Christmas To you 

When I have a friend like you, 
Always my Christmas will be blessed 
Because you are the great friend anybody can have 
Merry Christmas To you 

As Christmas season unfolds again 
People are rejoicing themselves by singing and caroling 
I am also rejoiced to know that I am having a great friend 
Merry Christmas To you 

As the houses are getting decorated, 
To celebrate the birthday of our princes I wish his blessing may shower on you 
Merry Christmas To you

wish you merry Christmas

Christmas is the Gift of God to Us 
Let us celebrate Christmas with 
Fun and Party. 
Merry Christmas to You

Merry Christmas wallpapers

May the magic of Christmas 
brings you Happiness, 
Cheers and fun into your life 
Merry Christmas to you

Merry Christmas Images

Merry Christmas photos

Merry Christmas Every Body

The Lord has born to save us 
Let us rejoice and enjoy the birth of our King 
Merry Christmas to you
Merry Christmas Greetings


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