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TET English Development of Language Skills 2012 Learning a language can be attributed to learning a set of language skills. Language is a skill that is different from the mathematics content, such as history or geography. Teaching English or any language, most of which is placed on developing skills in four main listening, speaking, reading and writing in the learners according to Thomson and Wytt the aim of teaching English at school. the process.

1) To help students to understand and speak English (listen).
2) To help students speak English (speaking).
3) To help students to understand the English language (reading).
4) In order for students to write in English (writing).
These skills can be divided into active and passive skills, or the production and wide open.

While listening and reading seem to be passive external, they are used that need to be very concentrated. Speaking and writing on the other hand, have the skills to use. They are known as skilled in the production or the skills to express themselves. Here is a person who is actively involved in the transmission or display information. Listening and speaking skills to the exercise of the organs of hearing and speaking. Therefore, they are referred to as voice or aural oral language skills. Similarly, the read and write about body image and Psycho - Motor lead them to consider a graphical skills - motor.


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