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Job Vacancy For MA English 2012 There are many career prospects for students who have completed their Master's degree in English literature. MA Literature student has been employed in India as well as in foreign countries in various fields.

After a career in private MA in English literature.

Students of English literature will be working with the media as a journalist. It is also possible for them to acquire the company at the newspaper. If they have a degree in journalism, they will be working with companies such as news broadcaster NDTV, CNN - IBN, Zee News, Star News and other communications companies that print magazines, a journal, too. Take the time to study English literature and common development, ITES companies also recruit graduates of English post. Some of the fields other than this is.

Freelance Writer
Jobs with BPO and KPO firms
Public Relation
Technical Writer
Apart from these job prospects, students of English literature can also find jobs as independent literary critics, writing for print or online publications. They also have the option to start their own tuition centres for the English language.

Government Career after MA in English Literature

Graduates of English literature can find jobs in the government sector as well. There are many areas where they can get jobs. Some of them are:

Civil Service
Law schools
Tourist guides
The many fields of entertainment also present postgraduate students of English literature with ample career opportunities. Those candidates who have good skills in writing can find them employed as campaign managers, speech writers and other positions that require the sophisticated use of written and spoken English.

Career Abroad after MA in English Literature

Candidates from MA in English Literature can get jobs abroad too. There will be numerous companies from a variety of fields that requires students from English literature. Candidates can get jobs as proofreaders, Copy Editors, Copy writers and writer in the marketing department (e.g. writing pamphlets or brochures for social service firms like PETA) etc. Students can also opt for research work abroad. But to get jobs abroad, work experience is a must.

Long term Career roadmap for MA in English Literature Postgraduates

Apart from teaching jobs, postgraduates of English Literature can start a career as consultants or they can join with publishing houses. With experience, candidates can get jobs with national as well as international magazines such as Vogue, National Geographic Magazine etc. As postgraduates of this field will have the ability to analyze and reproduce matter easily, they can get jobs within these firms quite effortlessly. Moreover, students can also go for higher studies. They can go for M.Phil, PhD or MBA. Social work as well as advertising fields also require students with flair of writing.



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