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Teachers Promotions Schedule Seniority List and Counseling AP 2012 Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced the promotion period, the teacher's 2012 state government recently completed the transfer, and now has taken up the promotion for the school (SA) and teachers of elementary education. second year (SGT) Department of Education, the school will announce the names of teachers and senior SA and SGT and the same type will be displayed on Union of Teachers website, which is in the state of AP, which has been called together to set a timetable for transfer and promotion. Promotion to senior teacher and a list will appear on the site of a district official. Senior District wise and promotions may still be available on the

Provisional list of senior teachers will be announced in due course of time. The Department will invite the opposition in the list. The next step of the process will be announced on the last name and job vacancies for headmasters, government will be consulting for the post and post the principal teacher for the school to be successful if It is necessary for the post and later an assistant school. The profile promotions for teachers will be available in 2012. Here a short period of time for promotion, school counselors, and the display of the list is senior.

1)the provisional seniority list: January 13, 201
2)Receipt an objection to the senior list: 16 January 2012.
3)the last job for the Headmasters Notice
4)the list of job vacancies for Assistant School: January 17, 2012 Counseling
5)the principal post Counseling,
6)teachers for school success.Counseling
7)the schoolCounseling,
8)the SGT and Language Pandits: January 21, 2012.


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